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Welcome to my Website

My name is Debbie, I am a breeder with my husband Alistair of Cornish Rex and Peterbalds based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire in the UK. 

Our Celexa prefix is registered with Felis Britannica.

We have both owned cats all our lives, with Debbie having Cornish Rex since 2002 and Peterbalds since 2015. Alistair has owned and bred British Shorthairs in the past, but has been won over by the wonderful characters of the Cornish Rex and Peterbalds since meeting Debbie. Our cats are first and foremost our beloved pets. 

We are small hobby breeders, our Cattery is an expensive and serious hobby not a 'for profit' business.

We breed for type, but most importantly emphasis is on health and temperament.

We register our kittens and show with Felis Britannica, the UK FIFe member and we are members of the Viking Cat Club (VCC), both currently serving on the committee and Debbie is the VCC Show Manager.

I hope that you enjoy our site and cats.
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